Who Sang Brown Sugar? Blu feat. MED & Oh No

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Release Date: 2014-5-20
Genre: Hip Hop
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250 on the hat, couple hundred on a sack
Ben Franklins in them racks nigga(bring it back)
20 hocks for the wap, 60 g’s for the track
3 steps for the rap nigga, (bring it back)
It’s a rap, then put it on that track, then icrack
They won’t know which way to act, uh bring it back
Uh, they won’t know which way to act, bring it back

[Verse 1: M.E.D]
Shoulda swallowed ma lesson than just a lesson from
The essence is freshest flesh of aluminum drum beat
Under a chest or settle under my speech, like thunder in a bottle to keep (creep)
Weather me in wisdom gree sinist can unlock
Free spenders only spend in d days, by in d night, newborns sparkin her life
She like livin d breeve sleeve pullin like looking a where we took it from dreams
Rhyme problem in d booklet with a CA theme
She feeling like hodeen on a Sunday evening, I mean
Really when the pain ease please
Bought some praline, baby gotta spring clean an leave
Summer fling, butter cutter lust on a freak
Never come up when we speak, maybe brought up when we meet
Sweet memories alone with the bonus of d Hennessey
Phone ringin while thinking: “Will she remember me” (And you did)


[Verse 2: Blu]
Aye yo, she cook good, look good, handle my business
When she pushin through the hood like it's nobody's business
I done shook sugar’s hand
We danced out in Vegas, what would make you think I wouldn’t speak it like I made ya
Make your mind up Maybelline, them Maybachs in Madison Square
He lit the garden that was parked in the air
Part of me gone, it’s been a hard year
I keep pushin like we been all here humbling my hero an keep guardin in the dark
Till stay in the Versace that she bought me, all she wanted was that paper folded up, no origami
Gold ropes fell on her gorgeous body
She know folk (folk), act like she don’t throw tight in that aura around me
Found an astounding down piece (piece), she house my on the daily
She call me a baby, just to shower me
She proud to be claimed (claimed), she keep the power clean
It’s a dream, straight out a magazine wit the baddest team
She knew what perfect was, she wore it like a purse
Short skirt, shirt in a knot, how could I not
(Charted up d knots) for d knots, cause we been have-nots
But we forget about it all when that track drop


[Verse 3:]
She likes to rap,she is ma packages an Christmas gifts
An unravel d mac, an didn’t wanna take it back
The sheet’s king sized, send it to d laundromat
The scene be changing only cause she wanna change d rack
Now d scene is smelling fresh linen, quite refreshing
Wid a twist of d lemon, rockin like John Lennon
Old endings, to new beginnings
The worls keeps spinning, yo girl she keeps spending
Sprinkle some a dat keef on d leaves, she see d difference
Ignoring d blissful ignorance, she bout d business
As the benjamins go green while I visited
I believe you were listenin, so we can get intimate
Get you forever, you prayin life would be infinite
But I just need a moment in time before I get rid of it
I need to benefit, as beneficial to who is gettin it
We always want more, so take a little bit


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    label: Nature Sounds
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: CD
    barcode: 822720716227
    script: Latin