Blue Foundation feat. Mark Kozelek - Watch You Sleeping 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2016-9-2
length: 3:07
I wanna watch you sleeping peaceful
Resting your heart and your soul
We should never awake without the other
Lying by our side

I wanna learn from the calm with which you
Aim at your dreams and your goals
And I'm sure your stories always will unfold

I try to get you up
But you go down
And you are not okay

I wanna carry you
But you won't get up
It's really killing me
You know it's killing me

I wanna join you sleeping peaceful
Feeling the sun in our room
What a plenty of rays and beaming light
Surely, it does me good

I wanna trust the pulse
In which decay is followed by bloom
And I'm sure any flaw will turn out beautiful

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