Who Sang Your Attention? Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group The Complex cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-4-22
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial/Experimental
length: 4:10
producer: CMP and Todd Perlmutter
mixer: Andrew Schneider
additional producer: Dan the Automator
additional membranophone: Nick White, Chris Bowen, Jeffrey Doornbos, Wes Day, Matthew Kriemelman, Josh Matthews, Clem Waldmann, Pete Starrett, Pete Simpson, Cräg Rodriguez, Randall Jaynes, Jordan Cohen, Vince Verderame, Todd Waetzig, Dave Anania and Jeff Tortora
additional guitar: Jeff Turlik
additional membranophone & percussion: Ian Pai
additional zither: Elvis Lederer
spoken vocals: Todd Perlmutter, Brooke Ferris and Spalding Gray
additional dobro: Byron Estep
additional drums (drum set) & percussion: Jeff Quay
additional turntable: Rob Swift
composer: Christian Dyas, Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, Larry Heinemann, Chris Wink, Todd Perlmutter, Ian Pai
Your attention, Please. Please yell if you are paying attention *AHH!*

Please yell if you are paying attention *AHH!*

(voice on the left)
place your attention entirely on my voice. try to ignore all the others. it is important to be able to focus on a single source of information, while blocking out all the other things that are competing for your attention.

(voice on the right)
Place your attention mine of all the voices in this section. stop listening to my voice now. move on to one of the other voices before it's too late. If you're still listening to my voice...

(voice in the middle- i cant concentrate that well)

Your attention, Please. Please yell if you are paying attention *AHH!*
Please yell *AHH!*
Please yell


Your attention, Please.

CD 1
  • 1 Above
  • 2 Time to Start
  • 3 Sing Along
  • 4 Up to the Roof
  • 5 Your Attention
  • 6 Persona
  • 7 Piano Smasher
  • 8 White Rabbit
  • 9 The Current
  • 10 Shadows, Part 2
  • 11 What Is Rock
  • 12 The Complex
  • 13 I Feel Love
  • 14 Exhibit 13