A Moving Train Lyrics - Blue Monday

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Release Date: 2005-4-19
Indoctrinated from day one with the mantra of excess, how the f*** do I turn it off? A slave to convenience to the easy wayout as addicting as any drug I ever trifled with. They told me that freedom to consume was a privilege they told me that it was right. But they never told me about the repercussions and they never told me that the life I afford will spill more than enough blood to literally paint this town red. In a world where the price of food is suffering and pain. Where the makers of my threads barely can sustain. Where countries need food but we give them guns instead. It's time to open our eyes. Where the diamond on her finger costs thousand limb of life. Where we consume to surfeit while starvation is rife. Where it's nearly impossible to not take part. It's time to open our eyes.

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CD 1
  • 1 Turning the Tables
  • 2 A Moving Train
  • 3 Lost and Found
  • 4 Next Breath
  • 5 Bloody Knuckles
  • 6 Drenched
  • 7 100 Inari
  • 8 Bereaved
  • 9 Let It Out
  • 10 On the Outside
  • 11 It's Your Life
  • 12 The Everything Festival