Lost and Found Lyrics - Blue Monday

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Release Date: 2005-4-19
I can still remember that night like it was yesterday. We sat out on that deck until the sun broke and found out that we weren't alone with the s*** we held inside. Those were the days when friends were the ones kept me alive. Stick together just a bunch of f***** up kids. From day one brought together to go down together. Stick together watch this life tear us apart destroying ourselves was the only was we knew to survive. And I will never forget that night when I made my first real friends. The words we spoke echoes in every corner of my life. And I know we didn't choose each other we just had no where else to fit. But s*** gets complicated and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't hang on as life wore us down. And from that night on I watched it all disintegrate. In a desperate need to escape ourselves we f****** threw it all way. It makes me so sick to know that not a single stran of what we had is left between us. And I would like to be there for all of them but I'm not the only one who got out. And I refuse to stand by and watch them slowly die.

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CD 1
  • 1 Turning the Tables
  • 2 A Moving Train
  • 3 Lost and Found
  • 4 Next Breath
  • 5 Bloody Knuckles
  • 6 Drenched
  • 7 100 Inari
  • 8 Bereaved
  • 9 Let It Out
  • 10 On the Outside
  • 11 It's Your Life
  • 12 The Everything Festival