Who Sang Scars May Fade? Blue Monday

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length: 3:14

There were times where I wanted to lose myself, but not this way 'cause I can't count the days since you locked me away, keeping me clouded in a game of forget and never regret. I watched them "scuffle the street and make the freezing scene", I told myself that would never be me. But my mind was a mind not of my own, woke up one day and couldn't believe where I'd been. I don't know how it happened, I just stumbled into this place, and I didn't feel a thing. I couldn't remember where I had come from or where I ever was trying to go, and the people that I loved seemed so far out of reach. I wore you like a scar on another one of those nights, staring at the same fucking light. A step away from oblivion, I wanted to shed you and you were finally starting to fade. It's like I opened my eyes for the first time today, you've lost control of me. I can feel you pulling me back, but that first breath of air has got me holding on. This is a new day; I was caught in that dark place for so long. This is a new day, now it's my turn to kick you when you're down. It's all coming at me so fast now. The light of the world is too bright for my eyes. But I'm not going back inside. Because I know this is the only chance I will ever get

  • 1 Play It Safe
  • 2 Vacancy
  • 3 Number One
  • 4 Scars May Fade
  • 5 Mid-Course Correction
  • 6 Run You Through
  • 7 The Rain
  • 8 Bite the Curb
  • 9 The Heist
  • 10 Step Up to the Plate
  • 11 Above and Beyond
  • 12 We Will Be Here Forever

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    script: Latin