Who Sang Generic America? Blue Mountain

Release information
Release Date: 1997-7-15
Genre: Rock
Style: Country Rock
length: 4:21
Some people want to tell me its fine.
Spend your whole life waiting in a line.
Well go ahead, join the living dead.
I've got a different plan for mine.

When the sun comes over the sea.
I'll tell ya where I'm gonna be
Ridin in the van with the rest of my band.
The wheels singing in my dreams.

Please fogive me if I can't learn to live in Generic America
Where the wavy fields got paved.
The kids are out looking for a rave,
and the rest of us sat on our big fat a__,
watching the rose bowl parade.
Oh why can't you see, I can't be me in your Generic America,
don't want to live vicariously, in a virutal reality.
Shopping malls and prison walls all look the same to me.

So don't try to tell me its fine.
don't try to tell me I'm wasting my time.
Everybody line up, p___ in a cup,
you got to be out of your mind
Cause I'll do it any way I choose
All over your desginer shoes.
Beware of the ruffian who ain't got nothing
he ain't got nothing to loose.

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