Who Sang Long Hard Life? Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo 1000 Arms cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-10-28
length: 3:40
Never mind what's wrong
You did what you did now the damage is done
You're living in your head so the days seem long
Get no peace until the sun goes down
Maybe you could run away
Find a new city, start a brand new day
No more rumours, no debts to pay
What's the use in staying here anyway

I know it's a long hard life
Trying to make your way back home
I hope some day you can rest your head
'Cuz I don't like to see you, I don't like to see you down
I wonder what you'll say
When you meet the ones that you push ed out of the way
Some things fade, but some wounds stay
It gets a little closer to you every day

Why can't you ever let this thing just die
If you could only hold your tongue awhile

I wonder how this ends
You lying on the floor
With your head in your hands
Everybody gone but a few close friends
Think you'll have the nerve to still pretend


CD 1
  • 1 Hard to Remember
  • 2 I Can’t Hide This Anymore
  • 3 Jimmy Fall Down
  • 4 Long Hard Life
  • 5 Rabbit’s Foot
  • 6 1000 Arms
  • 7 Dust to Gold
  • 8 Superstar
  • 9 Mascara Tears
  • 10 Can’t Find My Way Back to You
  • 11 So Hard to See
  • 12 The Flame