Who Sang Worlds Apart (Searching for You)? Blue Stone

Blue Stone Worlds Apart cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-1-30
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo/Progressive Trance
length: 4:56
Hear the River Behind me
Feel the Memory storm
Feel Your Essence Overflowing
A shift of air in the night that brings me peace
But will fate let me
Taste a style of whim by letting all of you in
A bluer moon could never haunt me
As I extend my every need

Feel the mist of the moonlight
Watch the glow of the firelight
Burning in the moment
Burning in the night
Feel all that surrounds us
Casting off of the darkness
Walking through the river
Searching for you

Could this end up revealing
The Story unfolds an incandescent mist that's slowly
Radiating a light that sets me free
Child I can endure the worst that may be in store
Stay aware of a false infraction
Spend serious time on better things

Posted by Jungmi <3

CD 1
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  • 2 Waters Flow
  • 3 Lost Sun
  • 4 Dreamcatcher
  • 5 Voleti
  • 6 Worlds Apart (Searching for You)
  • 7 Envy
  • 8 Take Flight
  • 9 Far Away
  • 10 Labyrinth of Dreams
  • 11 Tears
  • 12 Event Horizon
  • 13 Remember This
  • 14 On the Wind
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