Who Sang Feel Me? Blueprint

Blueprint Blueprint Who EP cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-9-8
length: 4:36

[Verse One]
Get off the Internet and make a beat
Stop fuckin' around on Facebook chasin' freaks
You blessed, this is what you get paid to be
But you can't explain why ain't made a single thang this week
We know you nice
We know the game's mean
The market ain't strong
Most of what they make is weak
But they support you, they want you to bring the heat
So complainin' about it ain't about to change a thing
Everybody rap now, your job ain't unique
But the people fuck with you cause what you say is deep
You gon' play the game, you gotta play for keeps
You can't sit still and still chase your dreams
It's a long journey, but it ain't complete
Until you get there, prepare for your chance to speak
That's what the voice inside my head always say to me
So if I'm hard headed there ain't nobody to blame but me
Some was larger now they in the same place as me
Some was smaller now they in the same place as me
Players change, the game's the same to me
Everybody hot, but not to the same degree
Ain't a thang in this world that I can't achieve
Once I'm on track I ain't gotta change the speed
I'mma run rap but first I gotta take the lead
I'm one lap away from takin' everything I need
Might take a day, might take a week
Might take a little hope, might take a dream
Mics ain't lettin' go, knowin' when to let it be
Cause everybody makin' green first had to plant some seeds
I'm cookin' up somethin' that you can believe
While they reality is ruder than that make believe
Make sure that food for thought is safe to eat
Otherwise you might share the same fate as Eve

[Hook] [4]
You gotta feel him
You gotta feel him on that

[Verse Two]
Put some beers down and write some bars
Ain't nothin' gettin' done chillin' up inside the bar
You wanna drink away the pain
Life is hard
You had to drop another grand just to dry your car
It's the same story, we heard it all before
But you a soldier, that's why you got so many scars
It's no coincidence you even got this far
If not you then who else is gonna fight the war?
Other guys got light but not as bright as yours
Even your pops said it, you a shining star
He seen his son bring life to a dying art
But that don't mean you ain't gotta fight for yours
First and foremost make sure your rhyme is raw
Make sure you're on point when it's time to tour
Stay humble cause everybody got a flaw
Now get back in the game cause it's time to score

[Hook] [8]
You gotta feel him
You gotta feel him on that

[Who sample]
See me
Feel me
Touch me
Heal me

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