Who Sang Hot Gossip? The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Damage cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-9-16
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Indie Rock/Experimental/Blues Rock
length: 3:32
remixer: Chris Shaw
recording engineer: Don Smith
additional remixer: Rudyard Lee Cullers
writer: Russell Simins, Judah Bauer, Jon Spencer, Chuck D
i hear you talkin'

Baby, what're you gonna do?
There's a war goin' on now
And they blame it on you and me
Talk about safety, freedom, democracy
I don't believe 'em
You know what, they want my vote?
They gotta try a little more harder
You can't talk peace when you're makin' war
Too much of this hot gossip

Something goin' on
A riot goin' on
Up to the crack down
I'm goin' through the door

You gotta get down, right now
Get on up and shut this s___ down
It's much more than black and blue
It's death and destruction
And how much does it cost?

Burnin' up the roof
They lyin' on the truth
They got the dyin' proof
You gotta prove to do
So who the hell is you
To tell them what to do?
I'm lyin' back in the pit
Watch you have a fit
Hot gossip
I hear you talkin' loud
Can you hear me now?
Can't hear you now
Try to sell us out
What is that about?
Try to blow us up
Government, what's up?
?? people down in dust
Got their trust
You say you threw my bust
Someone gotta fuss
Hot gossip
We ain't got to zip it
You ain't gonna trip
What you comin' with?
What you comin' with?

I got the blues alright
I feel so bad
People, we gotta get on up
And shut this down
Cuz it ain't right
And I know I know
That there's something better
Out there
Cuz baby, I love you
And see the sky outside open up
And everything turn blue

Come on!
Got to have it!
Hot gossip! Blues!
What you got to say?
I got the blues
So bad
What is it good for?
All your hot gossip
Give me red white and blues

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