Who Sang Rattling? The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Damage cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-9-16
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Indie Rock/Experimental/Blues Rock
length: 4:18
recording engineer: Don Smith
writer: Jon Spencer, Judah Bauer, Russell Simins
(Well there's something...Can I get a bit more of that vocal just a little bit, keep it keep it oh yeah...)

Well I got that rattlin' oh baby
I got that hummin' now
Oh baby, I got that b__pin' no oh baby
Call me baby
I'll be over there quick-fastest, in a hurry
C'mon 'cause I got be right by you
Well I got to give my time
You're all I need in this world
You're all I need in this world

Baby you know who I'm talking about
Stop all your fussing I'm laying it down
Oh my baby c'mon hey

Call me up on the telephone
I get over, I get over
I get down, gonna go fall down
Baby I'm gonna let you in, don't shout
Way you got your dungarees cut below the waist

Ain't it a shame we gonna let so many good times slip by
I know I got to answer the suffering
For all this crying, crying, yeah crying
Call me up, call me and I'll get over quick-fast in a hurry
When you get that rattlin', hummin', buzzin'
Slidin', slipin', sneakin' clickin' ticklin'
I get up baby, yeah I get up
I get over, I'm ready waiting and set to hold you
C'mon got to keep feeling that right
Said gotta keep feeling that like a puss or a black owl
Got to keep feeling that, got to keep feeling that...

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