Seductive Dreams Lyrics - Blutengel

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Release Date: 2019-2-15
length: 5:25
He found me in a deep cold night
And has shown me how to fly
I never want to wake again
Wish to be part of his dark world

He tastes my blood, I feel the lust
I lay my naked body down
I see his eyes, his dark desire
I can't resist his poison kiss

I lay my naked body down
I can't resist his poison kiss

He takes me to his paradise
I leave my world to follow him
I bleed for him, he kissed my lips
I've never felt that way before

I choose the night and leave the day
I close my eyes and feel his light
Discard the past, turn off the light
Dark shadows on my soul

I have to find a place to hide
To run away from all my pain
My destiny has fallen apart
My innocence has faded

I am so weak, I cannot cry
I give up hope, my life´s a lie
I sacrifice my life today
My time has come, I'll leave the day

I choose the night and leave the day
The time has come and we are one

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