Who Sang Vampire? Blutengel

Blutengel Un:Gott cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2019-2-15
length: 4:15
She looks like the girl

The girl you ever wanted

She looks like the girl

The girl who could

Give you everything

And kisses run like hell
And she like it

She's got the look
That could kill

And you see the greed in her eyes
It is far too late

She is a vamp
She is a vamp
And she is running for your blood
She is a vamp
She is a vamp
She bring's darkness to your soul

Too late to run
Too late to hide
There is no escape
When she is hunting you
And she is hunting you

She takes everything from you
She is uses you
With her
Body of sin

You are addicted to her touch
And you lose yourself in her
Dangerous smile

CD 1
  • 1 Together as One
  • 2 Into the Void
  • 3 König
  • 4 Praise the Lord
  • 5 Not My Home
  • 6 Alles
  • 7 Seductive Dreams
  • 8 Vampire
  • 9 Surrender to the Darkness
  • 10 I'm Alive
  • 11 Am Ende der Zeit
  • 12 Teufelswerk
  • 13 Resurrection of the Light
  • 14 Morningstar
  • 15 The Last Song
    CD 2
  • 1 Into the Void (Rave the Reqviem remix)
  • 2 König (Any Second remix)
  • 3 Am Ende der Zeit (Wort-Ton remix)
  • 4 Teufelswerk (Attack mix by Angriffspakt)
  • 5 Praise the Lord ([X]-Rx remix)
  • 6 Resurrection of the Light (Black Summer version by Rabia Sorda)
  • 7 Surrender to the Darkness (Harmjoy remix)
  • 8 Teufelswerk (Battle Scream rmx)
  • 9 Auf deinen Wegen (A Light in the Dark remix by Blutengel)