Who Sang Brand New Life? Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider The Galaxy Kings cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
length: 4:40
It's a beautiful day to start a brand new life
Rolling out the monkey tree picking roses from the sky

Buy a house in the country wearing such luxurious clothes
Oh I'll be so happy oh how nobody knows

It's a beautiful new day I'll start a brand new life
Buy a big beautiful car buy a big beautiful wife

Live out on some remote island out in the Pacific Ocean
Lay naked in the sand
Maybe paint some pictures of some local island girls
Like my man gaugin

It's a beautiful day to start all over again
Pick up some brand new teeth pick up some brand new friends

Have dinner with the president of the United States smoking Cuban cigars
Ride in the back of the presidential limousine
Where its strictly champagne steak & caviar

Its a beautiful day and there's so much to do
Gotta change my name I gotta learn kung fu (change my history too)

Maybe I can have some operation that'll let me forget
Everything g______ thing that's ever happened in my life aaah man I'd be set

Its a beautiful day way up in the sky
Where the angels sleep that's where I want to lie

Gonna be a big timer gonna blow up the bank
When I take home the gold I'll have myself to thank

Its a beautiful day everything is alright
It's a beautiful day I think I'll start a new life

Don't wanna talk to nobody oh ever again
Don't wanna leave my room don't want this dream to end

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