Napolean's Palace Lyrics - Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider The Galaxy Kings cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
length: 6:10
We're all going down
To Napoleon's palace
Eyeballing God from the second floor
We get a little higher
We'll all come together
And wonder what the hell
We all came here for

We'll put a tap on the clabbergrinder nightly
Squeeze out all the turbulent disease
Roll up on tomorrow ever so slightly
Roll the f___er up and sell it to the j__anese

Talk about it over dinner on the boardwalk
Underneath the branches of the trouble tree
Chugglelug sweet brandy from a cornkeg
Unbuckle all our anxieties

We'll ride the donkey down into our dethronement
Slip a diaper on the president of Rome
Disqualify vivaldi in a spasm
Kick Kentucky in the a__ until we're home

Sink inside a Chinese flounder like an earthworm
Burn our wallets at the stake and make a snack
Troubleshoot our babyteeth above a biscuit
Substitute our tutti frutti for a pound of babyback

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