Who Sang The Californian? Bob Schneider

Release information
Release Date: 2006-8-19
Genre: Rock
length: 3:54
You don't know me but my name's Eileen
I was brought up bad down in New Orleans
I got a head full of hammers and heart full of sand
Half Puerto Rican, half b___er pecan

Well they hung my momma from a telephone pole
Cause she baked my pa into a casserole
Born to be the king of rock and roll
125,000 years old

Superman can go and kiss my a__
Half nitroglyc, half fiberglass
My baby says I taste like sugarcane
You know what I said you know I'm insane

Now I live in California with my girl Quang Jo
She won the bronze in the '88 hammer throw
She's libra on the cusp of scorpio
I call her Hiawatha, she calls me Crazy Joe

CD 1
  • 1 Holding in the World
  • 2 Game Plan
  • 3 Party at the Neighbors
  • 4 Miss Oblivion
  • 5 Flowerparts
  • 6 Blauu
  • 7 Get Up on It
  • 8 Mix It Up
  • 9 Superpowers
  • 10 Everything I Have Means Nothing to Me Now
  • 11 Boombox
  • 12 The Californian
  • 13 Mudhouse
  • 14 The Sons of Ralph