Who Sang Trash? Bob Schneider

Release information
Release Date: 2009-9-29
Genre: Rock Funk / Soul
length: 3:07
well here i am
walking down the street again
like the scene of a movie
just me and the garbage cans

clicking my shoes on the ground
like an aristocrat
and the power of conviction
yeah, i always fall for that

and i know why i say goodbye
it's always true; brown not blue
i got no car, got no cash
how could it last?

cheer up moon
the stars will keep you compny
i'm allright now
i just let it get a piece of me
all gives a d___
well i probably say "i don't" it's true
if the truth were to be known now
i guess i'd probably say "i do"

i know why i always do
i always fall for "i love you"
it's the crack of the whip;
the sting of the lash
the absence of "there"
comes on in a flash
it's all make make believe
it's all smoke and ash
it's all they believe
it's not made to last
it's trash

well here i am


CD 1
  • 1 Trash
  • 2 Realness of Space
  • 3 40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)
  • 4 Till Somebody Catches a Feeling
  • 5 Changing Your Mind
  • 6 The Bringdown
  • 7 Slower Dear
  • 8 Everybody's Doing It
  • 9 Bombanaza
  • 10 Your Head Holds Gold. Your Heart Holds Diamonds
  • 11 Tarantula
  • 12 Bicycle Vs. Car