Who Sang A Forever Kind of Love? Bobby Vee

Bobby Vee A Bobby Vee Recording Session cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1962-7
Genre: Pop
Style: Vocal
It seems my reputations met you before me,
People say I treat love like a game,
Well once that was so true, but now that I've found you,
I know that I will never be the same...

Yes, I kissed girls just for the thrill of kissing them,
And I told them goodbye without ever missing them,
But darling, since we met, my roving days are through,
I'm offering you a forever kind of love...

I must admit, I use to kiss and run before
But please don't judge me by the things I've done before,
Believe me every word I've said to you, it's true,
I'm offering you a forever kind of love...

Although you won't be my first love,
I promise you, you're gonna be my last,
I wasn't true to any girl I knew before,
'Cause I was saving all my love for you before...

Oh, darling now I'll never want somebody new,
I'm offering you a forever kind of love...

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 12 A Forever Kind of Love