Who Sang Family Tree? Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony

Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony The Art of War cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-7-29
length: 5:55
producer: DJ U‐Neek
mixer: Aaron Connor and DJ U‐Neek
recording engineer: Rhodri Davies, Aaron Connor, Virgil Davis Jr. and DJ U‐Neek
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Yeah come on come on come on,
This is my family, this is my family
My family, this is my family,
This is my family. my family

Lord help me make up my mind
Which way do I turn when there's so much stress
Surroundin' me daily? This world's so cruel and shady
And I really do miss my baby baby boy, oh boy
Me and yo' baby brother we keeps the rhythm
You'll always be our lil' *****, and I know yo' mama miss ya
Picture the day when I get my callin' but until then
I guess I'm stuck (oh ****)
The team knew I meant so much when I get to heaven they're
"Boy what's up?" We can ride and roll, I know
Without this po-po trailin', bailin'
Although in heaven betcha that's a promise
Comin' with tha *****z can't test this
Creep if heat is all ya
Rollin with tha *****z that pack the heat
And the sack of weed straight out of control
Test tha souls, hoes, ***** rolls, playa haters
And tha po-po as well
Figure everybody need and we livin' in hell
***** really can't tell, so why?
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best
And the rest as written, some want to treat my
Like I'm forbidden, but I'm just lookin' for the **** that's hittin'
Could I be? Come a little bit closer
Why you cautious when you approach?
Is ya scared of tha fact we soldiers mo' thug
Breakaz fittin' to take **** over
Under my halo pray mo' say mo' thug with love
To tha depth that tha game goes
Die all you hoes, foes, and you propose.

***** better roll than get rolled over
We shuttin' **** down, and you
Know a ***** love to get buck wild
Pow come **** with me now (now, now)

This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family...

Thug in my hood is drug prison and
Is my mission, we heatin' **** why vision?
Be crooked beginnin' of my endin'
Why is my mind spinnin? I'll say hey, **** it
My family ain't livin' for nothin' but strugglin
Was one of the reasons I'm thuggin
Instead of straight hustlin' somebody tell me somethin'
What is there? Nothin'? If I give you, what'll you give me?
You'll **** it all up for the love of lust
Cause I love you so, but unlike my friend you're just my foe
Peace 'til the end of the road 'cause we're all gone
But no, ***** don't lose your soul
Put trust in mine, alright then we can roll. (roll, roll)

This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family...

Cause you're too young, mama, and daddy, when ya
Lay down and (have some eggs) and I remember y'all breakin' up
Doin'it layin' down. What went wrong?
Was it me? But I ain't mad at'cha
Cause outta all that **** I got two sista's and a brother
And I learned to harmony
On the streets, on tha Clair, that's where
I'm from y'all, on the streets of tha Clair
That's where I met Bone Thugs y'all it's gettin' time to be a man
Gotta get out tha house cause I can't stand mommy's man
He talks with his hand
Come come creep on tha streets with me
That's where I learned how to sell drugs
It's where I learned how to pump slugs
It's necessary, necessary for me to get down for mine
So I creep and I grind don't give it up but get down
And I know that **** was wrong but
Don't blame me, blame tha thugsta in me
Cause that's where that **** comes from (comes from)
Bloody red rum, *****, we nuttin' but survivors
We survivors, that's why we be...

This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my family, my family...

Get ready to duck ***** or get ****ed up boy
Don't **** around in tha grave and yo
Brains'll be hangin' damaged by
Everyday we see mo' *****z hatin', fakin', playa hatin'
It's getting contagious, why do these *****z
Think they can break us
Want to grab my pump y'all *****z better try to grab
What's left of yo' chest *****z be talkin' and then
They get caught up in ****, now meet them faces of death
We let'em keep talkin' man they dog us man it's all the same
But what did we gain by givin' you *****z fame?

(So we let them wreck us)
Tha 44 magnum tag'em (stacked) like them
*****z or like the people that fight 'em
Callin' me follow me down to tha corner slip
Up and you're gonna get blasted
What do you want to dis me for? Jealous then ***** drop
***** we drinkaz be everytime
To tha 99 times out of 100 we gon' dis somebody, somebody
(Yeah) y'all *****z get carried off wit them bodies y'all
Find that smokin' that grass
***** pass tha pump, (We takin') a loss and wakin up in
Their coffin. Oh ***** but when we come they run
But we're gonna catch'em and one day God forgive me
I don't know what got to me, but then me ***** they'll all fall down
Way down face down, ain't got nothin but love them *****z
Want to test my sayin' ***** you know that (that, that, that)
You know we gettin them (say ***** you know that, that, that, that)
Bad, bad, them thugs them *****z
(I figure you know that, that, that, that)
(You *****z should know that, that, that, that)
Yeah, yeah (my *****z you know that, you know that, that, that, that)
Yeah yeah. It's 19 90 90 90 90 90...it's almost
1990 90 90 90 90, it's almost 1990 90 90 9 9 9 9...

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  • Release information
    label: Ruthless Records
    country(area): United States
    format: 12" Vinyl
    script: Latin