Who Sang Speed Demon? Boots Electric

Boots Electric Honkey Kong cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-9-19
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Glam/Synth-pop
length: 3:50

Woo, I got struck by white lightning the other night
Me and this girl, she was a speed demon
We was speed demons
That's right
And the finest ladies that ever walked in the night
I said ever walked the night!

She came home in time
I was moving my feet
Couldn't see no sign
Was looking real hard
Didn't know what she was
A goddamn speed demom came over her
I was scared and shaking in my boots at night
The speed demon came and filled me with fright
I couldn't make no sense of what was trying to say
I was scared

So this girl I met, she got into my Cadillac
It was a fine Cadillac, as black as the moonless night
And white wall tires, ready to roll
And see she was lovin' on me
Lovin' on me all night long
But she was a speed demon
And I couldn't tame my soul
I was worried, wanted to call my momma
But the speed demon started to take her hold
And the spell was working
It was a hot friday night
I was aching in my bones
I was searching the sight
Making me scared
The speed demons came
There was spells and magic in the air
A goddamn speed demon was his heir
Oh no, I wanna take it back
But I can't, I can't

You see what's happening by now is that
I was begining to like the feeling
Of the white lightning striking in my body
And I could feel the demons running all through me
I said demons was running all through me
And from the white lightning and the power it ensued
I'm shamed to say but I became one of them
You know what they is?
They was speed demons

Speed Demons! [x3]

Hot shaking on a saturday night
I was living alive
I was getting alright
I saw the little lady
She looked outside to her
The hottest baby that could ever lay a spell
She was a speed demon baby
Speed demon baby!
I was under her spell
Have mercy on me lord!
Well I'm a goddamn speed demon now baby
I'm moving in my Cadillac
I can dig that baby, yeah!

Speed demons, run for your life [x4]
Oh Yeah!
Speed demons, run for you life
My lady's a speed demon
And that's alright with me
Cause the power and fury of rock and roll!
I see it in these babies

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