Who Sang Deeper? Boss

Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:58
* best guess only on the reggae patois
[Papa Juggy]
Cha cha cha
Hey watch out rude bwoy
You see how tight Bo$$ come man?
She just come down DANGEROUS!

"Is that what time it is Boss?"
"Yo what the **** is wrong with you?"
"This is deep, but I'm goin deeper.."

I don't really want to feel
like I'm in a daze so I smoke big kill
Just to deal with the ills like this ****ed up trip (damn)
My skills ain't payin bills
and it's ****in with me and my grip (I hear you)
I drink that St. Ide's ****
and smoke a ticket at the same time
Drop a wicked bomb on my naughty nature
I'm livin foul like a Nickerbocker (you livin foul?)
***** I'm not the woman to sleep but I'm lost (yo that's deep)
Cause I be on some ole' I'm tired of *****z
tryin to come up off *****es type thing ("What can I do?")
And if I don't react the way he want he might swing
his little trick ***** *** in another direction
then don't even use protection
I hate stupid **** *******s can avoid
Yo! And if worse came to worse I'll run a fraud on unemployed
Cause who the **** cares that I got gray hairs and can't sleep
Know what I mean? (Yeah hell yeah, that's deep)

Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"
Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"

"This is deep, but I'm goin deeper.."
Every now and then I start flippin and get to thinkin
bout deep **** beyond all that bullshit
I shoot at people (yeah I know what you mean)
but **** it I'm evil
And I'm hip to every ***** tryin to get a grip
and every ***** tryin to get a grip but **** that ****
And I say **** that **** with my mighty middle finger
I'm heavy off into this rap ****, buckin singers
Yo I think I'm gettin tense (word?)
Cause my dollars ain't makin no ****in sense; but then again
it's probably all that chronic that I smoked
I use to be like that when I was out there slangin dope
and lately I been flippin on some old paranoid ****
like lookin ****ers up and down tryin to start **** ("What can I do?")
cause I'm a hard ***** (So why don't you just soften up?)
I try to be cool but I get caught up when I go to clubs, straight up
I don't even trust myself (yo, you can trust me)
**** I know? (I'm just like you)
Riiiiiiight, that's deep

Deeper and deeper ....
Deeper and deeper ....

(Yo Bo$$ that **** you talkin bout that's some deep ****
I'm tellin you ************s can't really get with that
relate to that ****)

[Papa Juggy]
Eh hey hey, I guess it's best we tell them mon
Everytime she come, she's detrimental mon
Yes mon, know dis
Hehehe, don't make me tell dem again mon, woyyy
She too hotta, tell-a-man she too hotta
Tell man she too hotta an' every posse know dat-ta
Yes, she too hotta, tell man she too hotta
For inside she come, she say de posse get flat come

Aiyyo, I got them buckwild thrills, livin foul kills
I'm tryin to get to Watts but I'm stuck in Baldwin Hills (damn)
Tryin to find myself for real though, check it
If I just rewind myself I'll see it ain't that hectic
why'all don't hear me talkin but its time to get a stack
Cause I'm about a second away, from goin back
to the corner slangin dope (now you know you don't want to do that ****)
gankin cluckers, jackin high, cappin marks
I may be loosin my mind but better that than my heart (I hear you)
I talk a lot of **** but I can back it all the **** up
I'm real cool people until some bullshit get brung up
Look here, believe me I ain't comin out my crib
tryin to snap on life and run out and do some dumb ****
So I'll be takin another sip to relax me
And get them problems out my mind that distract me
Life is workin on my last nerve (yeah I hear you G)
I'll see yo' *** next week, peace (yo that **** is deep)

Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"
Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"
[Papa Juggy starts again and fades out..]
Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"
Deeper and deeper .... "What can I do?"

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