Who Sang Shade? Boston Manor

Release information
Release Date: 2015-11-20
length: 3:14

I remember the day you discovered your shadow
You were in the back garden by the apple tree

What's your favorite color
What songs do you like
What makes you angry
And what makes you cry

You know that I mean well
But I missed your call & I forgot to return it
You gave me your love
Even though I've not earned it
Because you're good to me
And I deserve to see
How it makes you feel when I always leave
I hope that you miss me
There will be time someday

Apologize, I'll compromise
Avoid my eyes
I'd rather go back into your shade
But I'll miss your progress
From the mess that I made

Tell mum I'm alright
And tell dad I'm okay
Did you get the last card I sent on your birthday?
I wish that we were closer
I wish that you had known me
When I was younger
And understood the choices
That I've made

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  • 2 Trapped Nerve
  • 3 Asleep At The Wheel
  • 4 Shade

  • Release information
    label: Pure Noise Records
    country(area): United Kingdom
    barcode: 850721006368