Who Sang Different? Brad Johner

Brad Johner Free cover art
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length: 3:43
She don't get one single fashion tip
From Cosmo magazine
I don't need no beauty queen
Oh no

She don't choose from the regular
Menu, gets the special of the day
Makes them cook it her own way
Yes she does, just because

She does her own thing
'Cause she ain't ordinary
Plays by her own rules
Has her own vocabulary
Out of the normal
And she don't have to be innocent
Or magnificent
Just different

She don't buy into idealistic lies
Or the flavour of the week
It's all part of her mystique
Oh yeah

She don't care about having perfect hair
Or what other people think
That's what makes her so distinct
Ain't no doubt she stands out

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

Oh yeah
So damn different
Just different
I mean this girl is different
Oh, something different
Oh yeah
Oh, something different

  • 1 Free
  • 2 Hello
  • 3 Different
  • 4 When Heaven Opens Up
  • 5 She Looks a Lot Like You
  • 6 The Farmer's Back
  • 7 Until She Says Goodbye
  • 8 Subject to Change
  • 9 Who Wouldn't Love You
  • 10 Rocket Science
  • 11 Go Back
  • 12 Next to You
  • 13 Breathin' Air
  • 14 The Last Saskatchewan Pirate
  • 15 That's What Little Kids Do

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    script: Latin