Who Sang Changes? Brand New Sin

Release information
Release Date: 2002-6-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Southern Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 4:14
A pain inside, that's hard to hide
A sickness that just, hits your pride
All the scenes, they seem so real
I don't know what to, think or feel

How could this happen?
How could this be?
It's time to take a look inside of me
To see what's right
To see what's wrong
To make a change
And becoming strong

(Verse 2)
The pain and anguish, that I have felt
Makes me wonder, what hand I have been dealt, yeah
No one in this world has felt my pain
A million tears, they fall like rain


All the tears I've cried
A swallowing pain inside
All will become, a distant memory
When all is said and done
I'll be the only one
And no one will be, stronger than...me!


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Broken Soul
  • 3 My World
  • 4 Desperate Times Desperate Means
  • 5 Sad Wings
  • 6 The Oath
  • 7 Missin' You
  • 8 S.P.P.
  • 9 Did You?
  • 10 Judgement Day
  • 11 Changes
  • 12 Shattered