Who Sang Take a Chance? Brandon Rogers

Brandon Rogers Automatic cover art
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length: 4:09
You should know by now
I?m not the kind of guy
Who takes things lightly
So I?ve decided tonight
To tell you how I?m feeling
When I look in your eyes
I feel desire
Taking over me
Oh, I?ve been trying to hide it
But I can?t deny it
You don?t know what you do to me

be Section
I wanna take you out
Wine and dine you
And then lay you on my couch
Play out our fantasies
But for now it?s just a dream

I should?ve told you before
But I was too scared to show
What was really on my mind
Come to think of it,
You must be blind if you didn?t know
Now, we?ve been friends for a while
But the time has come for us
To push things forward
Sometimes you?ve gotta take chance
If you wanna find out how a real man
Does it

be Section

Just take a chance on me
I want you loving me
Just put your hand on me
Kissing me, hugging me

Take A Chance (cont?d)

Now, some people say that
I?m just a fool
To try and change something
That was already perfect
They say it?s not worth it
But what do they know?
They don?t know you like I do
Cause I see the way you look at me
I know you?re feeling me
Baby let me your fantasy
That?s how it?s supposed to be


Baby take a chance on me
I won?t treat you wrong
I will take good care of you
All day, and all night long

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