Who Sang Danke Schoen? Brenda Lee

Release information
Writer(s): Bert Kaempfert, Kurt Schwabach, Milt Gabler
Release Date: 1964
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Danke schoen, darling, Danke schoen,
Thank you for all the joy and pain.
Picture shows, second balcony was the place we'd meet,
Second seat, go Dutch treat, you were sweet.

Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen,
Thank you for funny cards from Spain.
I recall Central Park in fall how you tore you dress,
What a mess, I confess that's not all.

Danke schoen, darling danke schoen,
Thank you for walks down Lover's Lane.
I can see hearts carved on a tree
Letters intertwined for all time.
Yours and mine, that was fine.

Danke schoen, darling danke schoen,
Thank you for seeing me again.
Tho' we go on our sep'rate ways
Still the mem'ry stays for always.

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