Who Sang Intro to Flossophy? brentalfloss

brentalfloss Flossophy cover art
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Release Date: 2014-2-25
length: 1:20


Hello, and welcome to the Brentalfloss show
Brentalfloss, that's my name
I like to be satirical and very often lyrical
With all your favorite tunes from video games

The album's name is Flossophy
It's the third CD in my trilogie
I wanna make you laugh nostalgically, yeah
That's my flossophy
Oh yeah
That's my flossophy
You bet
That's my flossophy
Yes, sir
That's my flossophy
Yes, ma'am
That's my flossophy
Go ahead
That's my flossophy
What are you waiting for?
That's my flossophy
Oh wait, it's my line
That's my flossophy
I feel so stupid
That's my flossophy
Can we start over?
That's my flossophy
Alright, forget it
That's my flossophy
I'm still embarrassed
That's my flossophy

Come on, let's go
Just pull back the curtains
And on with the show!

That could've gone better

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    label: [no label]
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin