Who Sang It's My Party? Bret Michaels

Release information
Release Date: 2003-4-22
length: 3:55
Ain't nobody gonna tell me how to live
Let them all ***** I don't give a ****
I'll throw the biggest party in the here town
Watch all the girls shake their booty's around

Smoke the ganja, let the party rage
Good girls turn bad, when they come to play
I use them, and they use me
In the morning they know their history

It's my party
I can cry if I want to
It's my party
I do what I want
It's my party
I can get high if I want to
It's my party
I do what I want

My cars real cherry yeah it's real bad ***
I'll snap your head off when I step on the gas
It plays music so loud you can feel me coming
It makes all the virgins horny
Sends all the preachers running

Some fool's always racing me
He gets too close my dust is all he'll see
When you see red lights I see green
It's hard to be good in such a bad machine


I grow my hair right down to my feet
Nobody ****s with me on this here street
There ain't no one tell me how to live
You learn to respect when you come in my crib

Well it's my party
It's my party

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

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