Who Sang Raine? Bret Michaels

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 3:53
vocal: Bret Michaels
additional: Edwin McCain
writer: Bret Michaels, Jeremy Rubolino, Cliff Calabro
When I hold you in my arms, I can feel you breathe
When I look into your eyes, makes me believe
In a God, in a place, that brings me hope, gives me faith
Before our time is done, I want to be the one to

Give you love, give you strength
Get you through your darkest days
When you cry I'll dry the tears for you
Through the years, through the pain
Times of heartache, times of change
I'll be your sun you be my Raine

If I ever let you down, I didn't mean to do that
If you need me and I'm not around, I am sorry for that
Sometimes life is strange, some days it pulls me away from you
But on my soul I swear, for you I will be there to


You are my flesh, you are my blood
And I will always stand by you, I will
And should the sun go down, give me your hand
I'll pull you through, I will, you know I'll be the one to

[Chorus: x2]

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