Who Sang Come, Now Is the Time to Worship (acoustic version)? Brian Doerksen

Brian Doerksen You Shine cover art
Release information
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock
length: 4:36
Come now is the time to worship
Come now is the time to give your heart
Come just as you are to worship
Come just as you are before your God

One day every tongue
Will confess You are God
One day every knee will bow
Still the greatest treasure remains
For those who gladly choose You now

Willingly we choose to surrender our lives
Willingly our knees will bow
With all our heart, soul, mind and strenght
We gladly choose You now

Story Behind The Song

"Come just as you are before your God, Come.....One day every tongue will confess You are God, One day every knee will bow, Still the greatest treasure remains for those, Who gladly choose You now...."

This song began during one of my morning prayer and exercise walks while living in SW London, England. This song is the way I express a 'call to worship.' I believe God wants us to come and worship just the way we are. But when true worship happens, we don't stay the way we are. When we make that choice, we experience the pleasure of worship, the treasure of being with God.

That's why our choice to worship is so important. If we worship because we have to, where is the love? Neither God nor us get any pleasure out of that kind of worship. Many of us have experienced the pleasure of worship done in love and it's a priceless treasure. That's the background behind the words in the second section of the song. One day the choice will be gone. Everyone will be overpowered and fall to their knees and 'worship' with their bodies, but not with their hearts of love. The greatest treasure I am referring to is not Heaven in some theological or future sense (though I totally believe in the reality of Heaven). It's the gift of knowing and loving God . . . choosing to worship God out of love . . . and experiencing the pleasure of being with God and being in His presence. Of course all those things will be experienced in Heaven, but the goal isn't to get into Heaven in that sense; the goal is to be with God or to get Heaven (the pleasure of worship) into us.

The 'new' words on this recording ("Willingly we choose . . .") are actually the original words that were edited out just before the initial recording of the song in the spring of '98. Like the previous song, they are a response to the greatest command in Scripture.

"Come Now Is The Time To Worship" is the last song this time around because it sends people out to worship when the album is over - it's as though we are encouraging people to go out with the a__ignment of calling people to worship.

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