Who Sang It's Time for the Reign of God? Brian Doerksen

Brian Doerksen It's Time cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-10-14
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock
Chorus 1
It's time for the reign of God
It's time for Your light to shine
I'ts time for the kingdom of our God to be revealed
I'ts time for authority
It's time for Your majesty
It's time for the kingdom of our God to be revealed

Verse 1
In these days of wars and famines
In these days when hearts grow cold
In these days of growing darkness
There's a story to be told

Verse 2
So we gather in the Spirit
We lift up a prayer of faith
We proclaim the mighty word of God
The power in Your name

Verse 3
For the captives of rebellion
Addicted and deceived
For those who wander far from home
It's time to intercede

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