Golden Days Lyrics - Brian May & Kerry Ellis

Kerry Ellis Golden Days cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-4-7
length: 4:22
composer: Brian May
lyricist: Brian May
Golden corn waving in the sun
Golden days anywhere we'll run
Well I won't forget the sun
Golden dreams shattered on the ground

Oh, I miss you
Golden days
Oh, you'll never know
Golden days

In the sunshine of this year
I'll remember your face so clear
If you want we can journey by
Find the traces of our golden days

Golden days
Golden days
How I miss you
Those golden days

Say you hear me, say your heart beats
Say you love, goes down in the rain
And I hold you
And I want you once again

Golden corn waving in the sun
Golden days anywhere will run
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Golden days (golden days)
Welcome home (welcome home)
Oh you'll never know
How I missed you (how I missed you)
Golden days (golden days)
Golden days
Golden days
My golden days

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