Who Sang Is This the End?? Brutal Attack

Release information
Release Date: 1996
length: 3:57

The flame is burning, this land on fire
My vailant birthplace, now a funeral pyre
Strangers running and killing my kind
Where is the answer we're trying to find
Is this the end? 4x
A nation in turmoil, a headless corpse
There is no way to channel our force
Where is our leader, who will save day
Turn back the tide and make the day
Just looking at each other or at the wall
While all around your brothers fall
Always waiting, but you'll wait too long
And pretty soon it will all be gone
Don't you realize that you all must lead
And drag our nations up off it's knees
No mans better than the next, we're all the same
And the strong will survive this killing game
Is this the end...

CD 1
  • 1 Look After No 1
  • 2 My Lionhearted Son
  • 3 The Quest
  • 4 Dear Mother
  • 5 Forever England
  • 6 Stormclouds Over Europe
  • 7 We Stand and We Fight
  • 8 Ride on Bro'
  • 9 Weekend Warrior
  • 10 Dragon Tears
  • 11 Sacrifice
  • 12 Is This the End?