Who Sang That Man? Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba Sparxxx The Charm cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-4-4
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:54
[Chorus - Sleepy Brown]
Everywhere that I seem to go, all people they know
There goes that man
Cadillac's steady move, all ladies choose it
There goes that man
Been all around the world and I kissed every girl
There goes that man
Girl this ain't no kind of allusion, it's really that man
There goes that man

[Verse 1 - Duddy Ken]
Hey, when we step up out the play man
We bring that monster A game
Switchin or say through lanes
Green on my shirt like Tulane
Drunk and drivin in two lanes
Dirt Reynolds, that's the new name
Dip out and handle a few thangs
Bet I come back a rich man
Some of these cats is ***** made
My shift be like a switch blade
The doors, open this way
That man, went that a way
Chase cheese like a rat race
Push my button like there
And that's gonna get you nowhere
Just like you ****in yourself
I've been all over the globe and hit a lot little spots (spots)
Met *****es that love the *****, that's if she ****ed me or not (not)
Trappin what's in my spot (spot)
Not movin, just got me no dough
It's like my money was slow mo'
I bought a car and got Mobile
My city's up on my shoulders
I'm takin life as we know of
Tranformin into a whole 'nother world and time
Beat up tracks and murder rhymes
Don't dare close the curtain, cause I'm just beginnin
Bubba was the beginnin but ***** I'ma end it
Hey, I'm that man, man


[Verse 2 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
****, I'm a Dodge Rammer, god damn if I ain't two and 0
I'm competin and momma's eatin, so am I losin? No
But **** was movin slow, I had to switch machines up
Destiny don't always match with the **** you dreamed up
But Bubba ain't no cream puff
In my life, I've seen much
Held the thrills and the spills
Through it all, I kept it trill
Guarantee I never will ever feel as helpless
As I did these last couple years, I know you felt this
Really don't expect no forgiveness for "Deliverance"
Then again I offer no apologies, I meant the ****
Cause I lived the ****, truth is truth and that's the end of it
I'm up and runnin, bet my jersey's in the rafters when I sit
Watched it when I get a hit, everybody benefits
I'm far removed from innocence, a year older than twenty-six
***** just remember this, I ain't chose the path I'm on
If you want it, come and get it, as that man I stand alone (oh!)


[Verse 3 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Duddy! Haha
Uh huh, hey say, hey let the guns play
I just came with "Me, Myself, and I" like Beyonce
Let these suckers run they coffee coolers, I'm the truest
Country ************, bust and kill the talk, it's time to do it
Everything your idol do it, I can do it **** eyed
Three albums supplied, once I have not lied
That should mean a lot right?
Maybe when they open up the books, I can get a look
You must admit, I'm dope as ****, true I ain't devoted much
Of my raps to dope, I'm just a little to preoccupied with the truth, you know what's up
Sorry but I know this much, Bubba K is sen-sat-ional
That **** ain't no bull
Ain't no bull that I can't pull, I am him
That'll be the case, if I'm ridin rims or shinin them
Bubba baby, more trouble baby, ha I love you hate me
Ask your lady, is it maybe her that I've been pluggin lately
****er [echo]

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