Who Sang Barriers? Buck Enterprises

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Rock
length: 3:26

This is my church, this is my steeple
Open it up and here are the people
Once were united, now we're divided
Separation, denomination
Would you be so kind to open your eyes
I really think you should see this
Would you be so kind to open your ears
I really think you should hear this

What about God? What about it?
What about the love?
Where could I find it, what about the lost?

Break down your barriers
Shut down your pride and go for a ride
Break down your barriers We got to unite or we're gonna fight
Break down your barriers
The battle's won by God's own son, now
Live it, preach it
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

We are His church, this our steeple
Open it up and we are the people
We serve one God, doesn't matter
We're together not against each other

The lack of unity, is from a lack of love
But if we stand together
We will overcome

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