Who Sang What A Liar I Am? Buck Owens

Buck Owens Your Tender Loving Care cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1967
length: 2:42
Don't apologize I said for it don't matter but you know what a liar I am
With a smile on my face I wished you well dear
With the happiness at last you say you've found
But if you knew how I've tossed and I've tumbled then you'd know what a liar I am
[ steel ]
I watched you walk away with your new love
Watched my dream world tumble to the ground
I told all of our friends I'm glad it's over but they know what a liar I am
With a smile on my face...
Now you know what a liar I am

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  • 4 What A Liar I Am
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  • 9 House Of Memories
  • 10 Only You (And You Alone)
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