Who Sang You Gotta Have a License? Buck Owens

Buck Owens Buck Owens Sings Tommy Collins cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Tommy Collins
Release Date: 1963
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
length: 2:18
Me and brother Bill was goin' fishin' down to the river one day
Had a can of worms and a willer pole a big can of minners and a lot of sourdough
The fish were a bitin' we're gonna have fun
Then a big man come and say I'm a game warden
And he chases me and brother Bill away
He said take 'em out of sack and throw them all back and the big man him did say
Boys you gotta have a license yeah you gotta have a license
Well we asked him why and the man replied cause you gotta have a license
Me drivin' down the open highway passin' up a highway patrolman
Let me go right along and I'd a no do wrong trees go by me think like I'm a flyin'
I sing a little song and I have lot of fun
Then a whistle blow and fore I know the big man he rolled my way
Me pull 'em down and a hit a the ground
Shakin' so cause I have a know and the big man him do say
Boys you gotta have a license...
[ guitar ]
Well now I got a little gal and her name Emilou she makin' me feel a funny
Well I love that gal with a big lotta noise she gave me a kiss but she given no joy
Well me pretty young and I wanta lot of fun
Well she tell me no said a watch a my step she no wanta be today
She said don't I told you a lot of big times and the little girl her do say
Boy you gotta have a license yeah you gotta have a license
I asked her why and she repied cause you gotta have a license

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