Who Sang Born to Play Guitar? Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy Born to Play Guitar cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-7-31
Genre: Blues
Style: Chicago Blues/Electric Blues/Harmonica Blues
length: 4:57
producer: Tom Hambridge
piano: Kevin McKendree
lead vocals: Buddy Guy
mixer: Ducky Carlisle and Tom Hambridge
engineer: Ducky Carlisle
additional engineer: Jonathan Joseph and Seth Morton
acoustic guitar: Buddy Guy
additional recording engineer: Nathan James and Michael Saintā€Leon
drums (drum set): Tom Hambridge
assistant engineer: Seth Morton
resonator guitar: Rob McNelley
double bass: Glenn Worf
electric guitar: Buddy Guy
writer: Richard Fleming, Tom Hambridge
I was born in Louisiana
And at the age of two
My momma told my papa
"Our little boy's got the blues"
I grew up real fast
And I've traveled very far
One damn thing's for sure
I was born to play the guitar

I got a reputation
And everybody knows my name
I was born to play the guitar
People, I got blues running through my veins

Women in Chicago
They love me to the bone
But my love for my guitar keep me far away from home

I got a reputation
Oh, everybody knows my name, yeah
I was born to play my guitar
I got the blues running through my veins

I got six strings loaded
On my bad machine
Show me the money
And I'll make this damn thing scream
I'm gonna keep on playing
And on my dying day
A polka-dot guitar will be resting on my grave

I got this young reputation
And everybody know my name
"Buddy Guy, that is"
You know I was born to play this here guitar
I got the blues running through my veins

CD 1
  • 1 Born to Play Guitar
  • 2 Wear You Out
  • 3 Back Up Mama
  • 4 Too Late
  • 5 Whiskey, Beer & Wine
  • 6 Kiss Me Quick
  • 7 Crying Out of One Eye
  • 8 (Baby) You Got What It Takes
  • 9 Turn Me Wild
  • 10 Crazy World
  • 11 Smarter Than I Was
  • 12 Thick Like Mississippi Mud
  • 13 Flesh & Bone (dedicated to B.B. King)
  • 14 Come Back Muddy