Who Sang Crazy World? Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy Born to Play Guitar cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-7-31
Genre: Blues
Style: Chicago Blues/Electric Blues/Harmonica Blues
length: 5:16
producer: Tom Hambridge
lead vocals: Buddy Guy
mixer: Ducky Carlisle and Tom Hambridge
engineer: Ducky Carlisle
electric guitar: Rob McNelley and Buddy Guy
electric bass guitar: Michael Rhodes
additional engineer: Jonathan Joseph and Seth Morton
additional recording engineer: Nathan James and Michael Saintā€Leon
triangle: Tom Hambridge
drums (drum set): Tom Hambridge
tambourine: Tom Hambridge
assistant engineer: Seth Morton
wind chime: Tom Hambridge
organ: Reese Wynans
writer: Buddy Guy, Gary Nicholson, Tom Hambridge
Crazy world
It's a crazy world
It's a crazy crazy world

People work hard all their life
'Til their life just slips away
But even the mute and the fevered got to die some day
And now they're selling water
I drank water from a creek
Someday they are gonna sell us
The very air that we breathe

It's a crazy world
Oh it's a crazy world

You can lay your money down
And win every bet
But the tax man's gonna take
Half of what you got
Politicians spend millions
Trying to get your vote
But everybody knows
They've already bought your soul

It's a crazy world
Hey it's a crazy world

One thing for sure
It ain't never gonna change
The hole we're digging is getting deeper every day

It's a crazy world
Hey it's a crazy world

Summer out tonight
Another child hungry
Some got so much
Some ain't got any air
People killing each other in the name of the lord
No one wants to stop a money making war

It's a crazy world
Hey it's a crazy world
It's a crazy world
Lord knows it's a crazy world
It's a crazy world
Let's hold each other's hands
Live and let live

CD 1
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  • 2 Wear You Out
  • 3 Back Up Mama
  • 4 Too Late
  • 5 Whiskey, Beer & Wine
  • 6 Kiss Me Quick
  • 7 Crying Out of One Eye
  • 8 (Baby) You Got What It Takes
  • 9 Turn Me Wild
  • 10 Crazy World
  • 11 Smarter Than I Was
  • 12 Thick Like Mississippi Mud
  • 13 Flesh & Bone (dedicated to B.B. King)
  • 14 Come Back Muddy