Who Sang Skin Deep? Buddy Guy feat. Derek Trucks

Derek Trucks Skin Deep cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-7-18
Genre: Rock Blues
Style: Chicago Blues
length: 4:30
vocal: Buddy Guy
mixer: Ducky Carlisle and Tom Hambridge
bass: Willie Weeks
background vocals: Bonnie Bramlett, Bekka Bramlett and Tom Hambridge
membranophone & percussion: Tom Hambridge
keyboard: Reese Wynans
sitar: Buddy Guy
guest guitar: Derek Trucks
acoustic guitar & electric guitar: David Grissom
composer: Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson
I've been around a while
I know wrong from right
And since a long time ago
Things been always black and white
Just like you can't judge a book by the cover
We all gotta be careful
How we treat one another

Skin Deep
Skin Deep
Underneath we're all the same
Skin Deep
Skin Deep
Underneath we're all the same
We're all of the same

A man in Louisiana
He never called me by my name
He said "boy do this and boy do that"
But I never once complained
I knew he had a good heart
But he just didn't understand
That I needed to be treated
Just like any other man


I sat my little child down
When he was old enough to know
I said I fell in this big wide world
You're gonna be all kinda froze
I said son it all comes down to just one simple rule
That you treat everybody just the way
You want them to treat you

[Chorus: x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Best Damn Fool
  • 2 Too Many Tears
  • 3 Lyin' Like a Dog
  • 4 Show Me the Money
  • 5 Every Time I Sing the Blues
  • 6 Out in the Woods
  • 7 Hammer and a Nail
  • 8 That's My Home
  • 9 Skin Deep
  • 10 Who's Gonna Fill Those Shoes
  • 11 Smell the Funk
  • 12 I Found Happiness