Who Sang Evil Twin? Buddy Guy feat. Steven Tyler , Joe Perry & Brad Whitford

Brad Whitford Rhythm & Blues cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-7-26
length: 5:24
producer: Tom Hambridge
piano: Reese Wynans
vocal: Buddy Guy and Steven Tyler
mixer: Ducky Carlisle and Tom Hambridge
engineer: Casey Wood
recording engineer: Ducky Carlisle
bass: Michael Rhodes
guitar: Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and David Grissom
additional engineer: Ben Baptie, Kevin Shirley, John Shipp, Marti Frederiksen, Justin Francis, Nick Autry, John McBride, Scott Baggett and Mathieu LeJeune
drums (drum set): Tom Hambridge
assistant engineer: Jon Zacks, Lowell Reynolds, Sean R. Badum, Joe Visciano and Kam Luchterhand
artist & repertoire support: David J. Wolter
Hammond organ: Reese Wynans
electric guitar: Buddy Guy
writer: Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming
I saw somebody, lookin a lot like you.
Wrapped around your bassman on lonely avenue.
I hear you saying that you ain't never been with him.
Well if it wasn't you baby, it must have been your evil twin.

Now your evil twin, got your pretty little face.
And your heart shaped booty, I would know it any place, hunnie.
Now I still here you saying that you ain't never been with him.
Yeah, it seems to me, if that ain't you baby, well it must have been your evil twin.

Yeah, you know baby, I met your whole d___ family.
Who's foolin who?
Your mama had three boys and one girl, that must mean you.
And I still hear you sayin, hunnie, that you've never, never, never been with him.
Well not listen to me one last time.
If that wasn't you baby, then that must of have been your evil twin.

CD 1
  • 1 Best in Town
  • 2 Justifyin’
  • 3 I Go by Feel
  • 4 Messin’ With the Kid
  • 5 What’s Up With That Woman
  • 6 One Day Away
  • 7 Well I Done Got Over It
  • 8 What You Gonna Do About Me
  • 9 The Devil’s Daughter
  • 10 Whiskey Ghost
  • 11 Rhythm Inner Groove
    CD 2
  • 1 Meet Me in Chicago
  • 2 Too Damn Bad
  • 3 Evil Twin
  • 4 I Could Die Happy
  • 5 Never Gonna Change
  • 6 All That Makes Me Happy Is the Blues
  • 7 My Momma Loved Me
  • 8 Blues Don’t Care
  • 9 Came Up Hard
  • 10 Poison Ivy