Who Sang I Go by Feel? Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy Rhythm & Blues cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-7-26
length: 4:16
producer: Tom Hambridge
lead vocals: Buddy Guy
mixer: Ducky Carlisle and Tom Hambridge
engineer: Casey Wood
recording engineer: Ducky Carlisle
bass: Michael Rhodes
background vocals: Ann McCrary, Freda McCrary and Regina McCrary
guitar: David Grissom
additional engineer: John Shipp, Kevin Shirley, Ben Baptie, Marti Frederiksen, Justin Francis, Nick Autry, John McBride, Scott Baggett and Mathieu LeJeune
Wurlitzer electric piano: Reese Wynans
strings: Chris Carmichael
strings arranger: Chris Carmichael
drums (drum set): Tom Hambridge
assistant engineer: Kam Luchterhand, Sean R. Badum, Joe Visciano, Jon Zacks and Lowell Reynolds
artist & repertoire support: David J. Wolter
Hammond organ: Reese Wynans
electric guitar: Buddy Guy
writer: Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson
Down in Mississippi, I knew a blind man.
This is what he told me, when I tried to lend a hand.
I go by feel, yes, I go by feel.
The only way I know what's real, I go by feel.

People always ask me about the blues I play.
I say it just comes through me, I don't know no other way.
I go by feel, I go by feel.
The only way I know what's real,
Hey, I go by feel.

Sometimes it seems like a mystery,
I just close my eyes and it comes to me.
There's somethin' I don't even understand.
I just open my heart and it flows right through my hand.

Listen to it.

When I'm with a woman, and I wonder if there's love,
All the proof I need is right there in her touch.
I go by feel, the only way I know what's real,
Hey, I go by feel.
I go by feel.
People, I go by feel.
The only way I know if it's real,
Hey, I go by feel.

Go by feel, go by feel
Yes. (Go by feel, go by feel)
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Oo, I go by feel
Oo, I go by feel
Oo, I go by feel

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