Who Sang Meet Me in Chicago? Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy Rhythm & Blues cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-7-26
length: 3:46
producer: Tom Hambridge
lead vocals: Buddy Guy
mixer: Tom Hambridge and Ducky Carlisle
engineer: Casey Wood
recording engineer: Ducky Carlisle
bass: Michael Rhodes
background vocals: Ann McCrary, Tom Hambridge, Freda McCrary and Regina McCrary
guitar: David Grissom
additional engineer: Mathieu LeJeune, Kevin Shirley, Ben Baptie, John Shipp, Scott Baggett, Justin Francis, Nick Autry, John McBride and Marti Frederiksen
drums (drum set): Tom Hambridge
assistant engineer: Kam Luchterhand, Lowell Reynolds, Sean R. Badum, Joe Visciano and Jon Zacks
artist & repertoire support: David J. Wolter
Hammond organ: Reese Wynans
archtop guitar: Buddy Guy
composer: Robert Randolph, Tom Hambridge
I got down a little bit of that down old music, Lord it's been overdue
Got to get back to the windy city, with them funky ole sweet home blues
Meet me in Chicago, baby I'll show you around
Meet me in Chicago, let me take you downtown

A couple have been lookin funny, I've been all over the world
Nothing better than a walk downtown with a sweet home Chicago girl
Meet me in Chicago, up and down hall street
Meet me in Chicago, get yourself somethin' to eat

Woah, what a place to be. Come on and hang out with me
Chi-town better where I got to be, I got to be back home
Soldier Field, Comiscapot, I'll be lookin for Al Capone
Meet me in Chicago, that funky little downhill place
Meet me in Chicago, chewing on a t-bone steak

Gotta get back to the midwest hunny, I miss that deep dish taste
Sittin on the roof at Wrigley Field, call where, call em off too late
Meet me at Chicago, some calgash that'll do
Meet me at Chicago, where Buddy gotta play the blues

Here I come
Meet me in Chicago

CD 1
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  • 2 Justifyin’
  • 3 I Go by Feel
  • 4 Messin’ With the Kid
  • 5 What’s Up With That Woman
  • 6 One Day Away
  • 7 Well I Done Got Over It
  • 8 What You Gonna Do About Me
  • 9 The Devil’s Daughter
  • 10 Whiskey Ghost
  • 11 Rhythm Inner Groove
    CD 2
  • 1 Meet Me in Chicago
  • 2 Too Damn Bad
  • 3 Evil Twin
  • 4 I Could Die Happy
  • 5 Never Gonna Change
  • 6 All That Makes Me Happy Is the Blues
  • 7 My Momma Loved Me
  • 8 Blues Don’t Care
  • 9 Came Up Hard
  • 10 Poison Ivy