Who Sang Now You’re Gone? Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy Bring 'em In cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-9-27
Genre: Rock Blues
Style: Electric Blues
length: 5:03
Now you're gone
Now you're gone
You hurt me bad
I'm all too sad
I didn't know
I love you so
Now you're gone
Now you're gone.

Now you're gone
You had a plan
Another man
Went off to hide
I could have died
(Now you're gone)
Now you're gone
(Now you're gone)
Now you're gone

(Let's go to the bridge right here)

What should I do
My world is blue
It isn't true
My life is through
Now you're gone
Now you gone

I want you back
How do I act
How do I make contact
How do I get respect

Now you gone.

And I never loved nobody
That's been mean to me
I got a heart full of stone
And I hate the misery
And then you
And then you
And then you
And then you came along
You spoiled me with [?]
And now you gone
And now you, you gone

CD 1
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  • 7 Ain’t No Sunshine
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