Who Sang Gimme Truth? Buffalo Sunn

Release information
Release Date: 2014-9-19
length: 4:27
Give me the truth and I'll try to understand
Give me the love you possess in your hand
We all need someone to show us how
We all need someone to show us now

They don't believe in a world where they don't exist
She has no faith in time that's not on her wrist
There's always someone watching for you to trip up
There's always someone laughing when you fall down

But if it gets too much for you
Hold on
Your dreams they change like the seasons
That's what makes you strong
There's always gonna be someone
To try and push you around
Well take a look into my eyes
I won't let you down

  • 1 I Wanna Be in Love
  • 2 By Your Side
  • 3 Gimme Truth
  • 4 On the Right Side
  • 5 Let It Go
  • 6 Witches
  • 7 Seven Seas
  • 8 Drifting Away
  • 9 Told You So
  • 10 Ocean