Who Sang Ocean? Buffalo Sunn

Release information
Release Date: 2014-9-19
length: 5:08
If you want me I will be by the ocean,
If you need me I will be by the sea
Trying to rid myself of all this emotions
That's really bothering me

If you call me don't expect me to come running
I'm better of on my own
And this disease that you all call loneliness
Never bothered me at all

I would follow you until the end of the world
I would follow you my sweet
Until there's flowers at our feet
Tell me how am I supposed to tell you now
I can't seem to find the words
There’re lost somehow

  • 1 I Wanna Be in Love
  • 2 By Your Side
  • 3 Gimme Truth
  • 4 On the Right Side
  • 5 Let It Go
  • 6 Witches
  • 7 Seven Seas
  • 8 Drifting Away
  • 9 Told You So
  • 10 Ocean