Who Sang Exodus? Buldok

Release information
Release Date: 1997
length: 7:16

Midnight comes and I am still awake
My mind blazed with an anger by the calling of destiny
A downpour of the rain, trunks of trees toss in the wind
Raging windstorm attacks
Shadows of the four horsemen who bring a destruction
A vision of catastrophes of Nomad's raids
A vampire of the Judaean breed spreads
The madness of diphtheria, Armaggedon
It is the time to challenge to a duel your death comes
-And my ressurection
In the last hour in the flames of neverending pain
-Of the Holy war
So kiss the Wall of laments for the last time
-Now comes the putting the Nazarenes to flight
The sword of Israelites is broken
The LAST EXODUS -walls are falling
The voice of warning in a fiery day-break
In that day, unexpectedly
Awatar comes, superman will
Be born by the incarnation of Gods
In a sound of thunder with
The power, what a lightning has
Following by the messengers of predestination
Without mercy, new generation will raise into the new fight
From the dust of the scenes of fire
Shadow of death in a flames of the last days of war
Dark breath of smoke from burned cathedrals
Night covered the graves of men with a black garb
Chorus of fame will welcome the birth of a new day
The LAST EXODUS-walls are falling
Voice of warning in a fiery day-break

CD 1
  • 1 Nová Krev
  • 2 Křídla Osudu
  • 3 Norimberk
  • 4 Den Provazu
  • 5 Soumrak Národa
  • 6 Mission: Spandau
  • 7 Exodus
  • 8 The First of Tomorrow
  • 9 V Krvi A Víře
  • 10 Triumph of the Will
  • 11 In Memoriam in Perpetuum