Who Sang In Memoriam in Perpetuum? Buldok

Release information
Release Date: 1997
length: 8:21

Pale moon hided his face in the clouds
White diamond high up in the astral tops
Heroic monument guarded your peace
By the cold of marble
Disappeared in ruins as a shadow
Of the grievous momories
A tombstone without a name perished
By an age, the rain falls
In autumn's shine of the Moon
Cruel wind's breath
The nation forget its promise of the loyalty
The duty of sons when the skies goes purple
Faith is strong like
A thousand years old temple
It will return the desire for the change
To our hearts
The name of the Leader will shine out
From the depths of ages
The echo of an oath will roar
Through the land
You see your face in the dull pools
Desire and knowledge grows stronger
Like the rain by drops does
Steel grey skies flow as Charon's ship
Fettered nation sheds the tears of pain
Last warrior on his
Way to victory
Returned glory of the land
To the sky heights
In the last fight
For his ideal
Shadows of the dead follow us on our ways
Our pride will substitute pain in our hearts
Return of the master in the sun beams
With lion's roar
New epoch will change a fantasy of dreams
The upeoming of gods
The awakening in the darkness
Walls of the cruel-ruler crushed to the dust
Fasces joined to the axes
Phoenix-rebirthed-shall fly to the stars

CD 1
  • 1 Nová Krev
  • 2 Křídla Osudu
  • 3 Norimberk
  • 4 Den Provazu
  • 5 Soumrak Národa
  • 6 Mission: Spandau
  • 7 Exodus
  • 8 The First of Tomorrow
  • 9 V Krvi A Víře
  • 10 Triumph of the Will
  • 11 In Memoriam in Perpetuum

  • Release information
    label: Gladius Records
    country(area): Czech Republic
    format: CD
    script: Latin