Who Sang Mission: Spandau? Buldok

Release information
Release Date: 1997
length: 6:31

Spandau's fortress sleeps in peace
But the fate played strange tricks with your life
We'll never forget this heroic death
Your name will be forever in our hearts
When your silver machine flew over the North Sea
Europe was so close to freedom and liberty
But the blindness of Churchill destroyed your dream
Grim and deadly battles
Aryan nations in terrible World War
Brothers killed brothers with senseless hatred
Golden blood ran on the Father's soil
Your lonely flight was the act of bravery
So why its result was the slavery?
The Forces of evil dishonoured your idea
Your wife and son waited in pain
While you hoped that there
Is a justice in this world
Plastic demon murdered the freedom of speech
Walls of Spandau took away your free life
Hammer and sickle were destroying
My country more than forty years
How many years old your suffer in the darkness
How many tears of wrath did fall on the ground
And when a time of the truth could come
Assassins did their vicious work
...The world is a very sad place, full of sorrows
Which lurk in the background. Ready at any moment
To pounce upon us and culminate in the
"awe-inspiring solemnity of the hour of death"...
"Prisoner of Peace" p.149
..."In the evening when the sky is clear, jupiter shines
Intomy cell with a brightness I have never before seen"...
"Prisoner of Peace" p.151
Our tears are as pure as crystal as ice
We remember the man who died for us

CD 1
  • 1 Nová Krev
  • 2 Křídla Osudu
  • 3 Norimberk
  • 4 Den Provazu
  • 5 Soumrak Národa
  • 6 Mission: Spandau
  • 7 Exodus
  • 8 The First of Tomorrow
  • 9 V Krvi A Víře
  • 10 Triumph of the Will
  • 11 In Memoriam in Perpetuum

  • Release information
    label: Gladius Records
    country(area): Czech Republic
    format: CD
    script: Latin